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The Willow Leaf Bonsai is an evergreen, tropical bonsai plant that originated in Indonesia. It is a member of the Moraceae (mulberry) family of bonsai - which also includes the Weeping Pussy Willow, Shimpaku Juniper, Sago Palm, Hinoki Cypress.
This plant develops well in tropical or humid environments unlike some other Japanese bonsai. It has a light to dark grey trunk that thickens nicely as it grows. The Willow Leaf Bonsai has bronze or pinkish coloured leaves as a young plant, but these develop into a dark green leaves that flatten as it matures. Because of this interesting aesthetic makes the Willow Leaf Bonsai a perfect for you to create your own bonsai design.

The best way to grow a Willow Leaf Bonsai is to make sure you have it in an environment close to its natural one where it will thrive. Although the Willow Leaf Bonsai will grow in anything from shade to sun, you will have the best results in the sun. Make sure you grow it outdoors where it will have full, or nearly full sun exposure. However during winter months you must ensure that you protect the Willow Leaf Bonsai from freezing, harsh rainfall and especially from frost. Because it is a tropical plant it does not survive well in cold conditions.

Because the Willow Leaf Bonsai requires a humid environment, being diligent with watering the plant is essential. You must ensure you water it on a regular basis and never let the bonsai soil dry out completely. Coming from a tropical climate it is used to lots of rain and moisture, so you need to try and mimic these conditions for the plant.

It is also important that you feed you Willow Leaf Bonsai with a bonsai fertilizer regularly. Although it does not require a great amount of food or extra nutrients, it is important that you give it a light and balanced amount of bonsai fertilizer all year round.

Because of the sturdiness of the Willow Leaf Bonsaiís trunk and branches you need to ensure you have the right bonsai tools and technique for shaping your tree. Pruning the leaves and or branches and wiring can be done at any time of the year. It is important to do touch ups and pinching regularly because the lateral growth and strength of its branches means it needs to be reshaped often. You also need to keep the side branches in check otherwise the central trunk may be left bearing too much stress, which will make it difficult to keep the bonsai well groomed in your bonsai garden.

The Willow Leaf Bonsai is susceptible to spider mites, mealy bugs, and other various insects, so you must look for these regularly and treat them if there are any signs of pests.


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There are an extensive amount of specialized tools available for bonsai gardeners to use.  Always purchase good tools because they will perform much better and last the life time of your hobby.  The most important tools are those used for pruning and wiring.  Good tools will help keep your bonsai garden in good shape.