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Indoor Bonsai Trees - Flowering and Fruiting Trees

Growing Bonsai's From a Seed:


Growing Bonsai trees from seeds is an extremely rewarding process. It is also something that is quite simple to do at home without having to spend lots of money.


There are several different types of Bonsai trees. These include the Japanese Green Maple, Japanese Red Pine, Japanese Black Pine, Trident Maple, Japanese Larch, and Dwarf Maple. All of these different Bonsai can be grown at home either by themselves or in the same Bonsai garden.


Using hydroponics is an excellent and efficient way to get the most out of your Bonsai tree seeds. Hydroponics will speed up the growing process without you needing to use established trees. Growing trees with hydroponics has been proven to make your seeds develop faster and into more impressive trees.


Hydroponic is derived from Latin, meaning ëworking waterí. It is the process of growing plants in a soilless environment with the roots in a water system that contains a supply of artificial nutrient. There are several different systems of hydroponics that can be used to grow plants such as Bonsai trees.


One system available, that is considered one of the simplest, is the Wick system. This is a passive operating system so there are no moving parts. The system operates as the artificial nutrient solution gets drawn into the roots of the trees through a wick. The only drawback with this system is that plants that grow to a large size may use the nutrients up at a pace that is faster than the wick can supply it.


Another system that is popular is the Nutrient Film Technique (N.F.T). This system operates with a constant flow. What is required for this is a tube, a reservoir of water, an air pump, and a growing tray. The nutrient solution is pumped up into the growing tray through the tube and flows over the plantsí roots before flowing back into the reservoir. Because the only growing medium comes from the air pump, there is no need to replace this part of the hydroponic when you move to a new crop, which saves you more money.


All of these products are easy to get hold of and there are also ready-made Bonsai kits for growing - available to purchase on the internet.


Although growing Bonsai trees using hydroponics will improve the speed of the treesí growth, there are also other steps you can take in the preparation of the seeds. It is important that you get mature seeds to grow the best trees. Another great way to prepare the seeds is to put them in a refrigerator for about a week before planting them. This works well because it puts the seeds in an environment similar to that which they would need if they were going to grow unassisted.

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There are an extensive amount of specialized tools available for bonsai gardeners to use.  Always purchase good tools because they will perform much better and last the life time of your hobby.  The most important tools are those used for pruning and wiring.  Good tools will help keep your bonsai garden in good shape.