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Looking for a tropical bonsai tree which is easy to care for? An excellent addition to your bonsai garden in such a case would be a palm bonsai. This Japanese bonsai tree is particularly easy to care for. In fact - it actually does most of the work itself.

However, as with all varieties of bonsai, the palm bonsai has a few specific requirements which must be met in order for it to thrive. Let's begin with the basics of caring for the tree.

Because of the tropical nature of the palm bonsai, the condition under which it will grow the best is exactly what you would expect for a tropical environment. The tree requires plenty of lighting - although try to keep it out of a position where it get's sunlight the entire day - as this will dry the bonsai soil very quickly.

If you do have to expose it to constant sunlight - you will also have to use plenty of inorganic bonsai fertilizer to ensure the plant remains well nourished.

Watering will also be a consideration here. Depending on the lighting conditions, adjust the amount of watering to ensure that the bonsai soil is almost completely dry before re-watering. This will prevent nasty bonsai diseases and illnesses such as root rot.

If you are unfamiliar with the types of palm bonsai that are available on the market - here are the top 3 that growers usually add to their bonsai garden: Cane palms - which are tall, and can live for years; Feather palm - which has leaves with a striking similarity to a feather; Fan palms - which have a very short base, followed by fanning and pointy leaves.

All varieties of plam bonsai require the same care in general, however when it comes to wiring and the use of bonsai tools - there will be obvious differences. For example, a fan bonsai will not be able to take on a specific bonsai design, whereas a Cane bonsai will be able to.


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There are an extensive amount of specialized tools available for bonsai gardeners to use.  Always purchase good tools because they will perform much better and last the life time of your hobby.  The most important tools are those used for pruning and wiring.  Good tools will help keep your bonsai garden in good shape.