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The Cedar Of Lebanon Bonsai is a conifer tree.  Conifer bonsai trees usually display a very dignified feeling and cause the garden to look very sophisticated and old.  Conifers can be either deciduous or evergreen variety.

The Cedar Of Lebanon Bonsai is a very slow growing evergreen conifer that is also known as Cedrus Libani.  Young trees are usually pyramid in shape.  As the tree grows, the branches tend to spread open more.  Finally, a mature Cedar Of Lebanon Bonsai will develop a flat top and horizontal layers of branches that produce dark green needle like leaves.  The Cedar Of Lebanon Bonsai will also grow barrel shaped cones.

The Cedar Of Lebanon Bonsai is native to the Near East.  This conifer is an excellent choice for both formal and informal bonsai garden styles.  The Cedar Of Lebanon Bonsai is often  used alone in some gardens. The clearly layered branches form a beautiful tree which is often used as a focal point of many bonsai gardens.  This is the species that in many ways is what most people expect to see in bonsai gardens.

The Cedar Of Lebanon Bonsai is a very slow growing species and only needs to be repotted every three to four years.  The tree should be pruned in the spring by pinching back the new shoots.  Be careful when pruning to not damage any of the leaves on the remaining branches.

The Cedar Of Lebanon Bonsai needs less water than most other varieties and can survive in fairly dry soil.  Fertilizer should be added with the watering from mid summer to late fall.

Most people would consider the Cedar of Lebanon as the symbol of bonsai gardening.  Its old look as well as its natural layering of branches certainly stands out.  Its slow growth and aging look contribute to this analysis

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