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What is Bonsai?  Bonsai is defined as the art of growing trees and shrubs of a miniature size in a container.  By pruning the plant and roots, the objective is to keep the plant in the container small in size while ensuring that the plant being grown resembles bigger full size trees or shrubs growing naturally in the wild.  There are many styles and techniques that can be utilized to accomplish the art of growing the tree or shrub small.

Bonsai can be grown indoors or outdoors.  Indoor bonsai is also referred to as "Chinese Bonsai".  Outdoor bonsai is referred to as "Japanese Bonsai".  The same bonsai styles and techniques can be used for both indoor or outdoor bonsai gardens.  

This web site has been designed to provide information on bonsai gardening for both the experienced and beginning bonsai hobbyist.
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Each style of bonsai, of which there are many, should display harmony and balance in plant groupings and containers chosen.  Each bonsai must create the image of being a miniature form of a full size tree which causes an inspiration from nature.