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The Acacia bonsai is difficult for birds and other animals to resist due to the seeds that are housed in its fruit with a attractive glossy finish. Acacias are often refereed to as golden mimosa and wattles. Even though the acacia does have gold flowers they are not easy to grow as a bonsai therefore cherished by many bonsai enthusiasts and novice alike.

Feeding: Feeding the acacia is best done during its growing period. If the difficult to attempt flowering of the bonsai specimen is desired a fertilizer with low nitrogen may encourage flowering. The bonsai tree can also tolerate standard bonsai fertilizer if desired.

Watering: Though misting on a daily basis is preferred by the acacia bonsai tree allowing its soil to dry is in between watering is suggested but be prepared you will loose foliage.

Lighting: Acacia bonsai does best under full sunlight.

Repotting: depending on the age Acacia does well being repotted every 2 to 4 years. low organic, fast draining soil is best and they grow well in acid or alkaline soils.

Possible afflictions: Aphids, mites, flies and sometimes anthracnose can infect the leaves of the acacia bonsai.

Popular Acacias used for bonsai: Smalls Acacia, Texas Huisache, Acacia baileyana, Wattle, Golden Mimosa, Tamarindillo,


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Each style of bonsai, of which there are many, should display harmony and balance in plant groupings and containers chosen.  Each bonsai must create the image of being a miniature form of a full size tree which causes an inspiration from nature.