Japanese Green Maple Bonsai Print
Indoor Bonsai Trees - Flowering and Fruiting Trees
Growing Bonsai trees is an increasingly popular and rewarding pastime. There are many different kinds of bonsai trees and each requires a slightly different approach to their care and growth. > > > > There are many types of Japanese Bonsai in different colours, but the most popular appears to be the Japanese Green Maple Bonsai. This tree has very impressive leaves and can last for a very long time if it is cared for properly. If you use the correct Bonsai tools, Bonsai soil and Bonsai fertilizer, you will be able to maintain a beautiful Bonsai garden without too many expenses or too much effort. > > > > Caring for your Japanese Green Maple Bonsai and creating a beautiful Bonsai design is not too difficult to keep on top of, provided you stick to a few essential basics. > > > > The Japanese Green Maple Bonsai, like all living organisms, requires sunlight to survive and to grow to its full potential. However this exposure needs to be in moderation as the Japanese Green Maple Bonsai has very sensitive leaves and may burn if it gets too much sunlight. For this reason, autumn and spring are ideal seasons to grow the Japanese Green Maple Bonsai in. > > > > As well as ensuring the Japanese Green Maple Bonsai gets the right amount of sunshine, watering your plant is vital to its growth and to staying healthy. If Bonsai soil gets too dry the plant is likely to become unhealthy. You should water the plant everyday in the morning ñ however you must be cautious with directly watering the leaves. If there is water on the leaves and it is exposed to the sun this may increase the risk of the leaves burning. Also the chemicals in our water may be somewhat harmful to the leaves when mixed with sunlight. > > > > The Japanese Green Maple Bonsai also requires care when it comes to pruning the plant. It is recommended that you do not prune the plant in spring as this can be damaging to the leaves. It is best to prune the leaves in the middle of summer and to make sure you are using the correct type of Bonsai tools for the pruning. Although many think pruning is sufficient to shape the tree there is also the option to wire the tree. This is best done in winter because the leaves will be in full bloom. > > > > Another strategy for caring for Japanese Green Maple Bonsai is to use hydroponics to grow them. If you use an active hydroponic system there is less that you will have to physically do in tree maintenance. Hydroponics is growing trees without soil, this means you will not need to worry about bonsai fertilizers or having the correct bonsai soil.